Want to bring out your adventurous side this summer? Then welcome to Skileb.com, your one-stop destination for all things nature-y and fun. Be it hiking, biking, cruising, or flying, Skileb is here to provide you with an affordable and planned out adventure experience that you'll never forget. Because how many times in your life will you ever go hot air ballooning?

Summer will start and end before you even realize it, so why not make everlasting memories while you can?

1. Mountain Safari

Start off hiking at the gorgeous Faqra Roman ruins, and head all the way to the mountain top, where you'll pause to take in the stunning scenery. You'll enjoy a BBQ lunch while being surrounded by the beauty of nature, enjoying everything from the crisp wind in your hair to the blooming colors of mountain greenery.

2. Hot Air Ballooning over Mzaar Ski Resort

This one kind of goes without saying. How many people do you know have been in a hot air balloon? Now's your chance to one-up them on life experiences and float gloriously into the horizon. Each balloon can fit up to three people, so bring your two besties along and do it together. And don't you dare forget your camera.

3. Biking from Mzaar to Zahleh'

Bikers, assemble! Seriously though, there is only so far you can go with Beirut by Bike. Change up your dull corniche routine with a spice of new scenery, starting from Ouyoun El Simane and heading to Zahle. And make sure to bring your appetite, as you'll be able to grab lunch at one of the many surrounding restaurants in Zahle.

4. Diving

Want to go for an even more awesome nature adventure? Looks like you need to try diving. If you're a beginner, start off going scuba with an experienced professional. A refresher dive is provided for intermediate divers, and a fun dive for the experienced. And if you find you really like to dive, go for the open water SSI Certificate and make this one-time opportunity a recurring hobby. And it's like—BAM—you're one step closer to becoming a fantastical mermaid, hurrah!

5. Boat Cruise

So maybe you like water, but not getting your feet wet. Skip the diving and choose a boat cruise instead. Sail with a professional captain on the clear blue waters of the Meditranean and bask in the glory that is the Lebanese coast. And just in case you get bored, the trip also includes fishing, swimming, beach hopping as well as a lunch break at one of the many sea side restaurants.

6. Beirut by Plane

Last, but certainly not least, Skileb offers you the opportunity to take in all the magnificence that is Beirut from an aerial view. Be the bird you've always wanted to be and soar the skies while viewing the Rawche Rocks, Jounieh Bay, old port of Byblos and much more.

In the words of Pixar's most brilliant movie: "Adventure is out there!" And all you've got to do is choose where.

Six Adventurous Activities to Do In Lebanon This Summer

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still there's the paragliding from harrisa to jounieh bay or in cedars. as per the bike that really awesome tail to follow.

Mazen Farah on May 11, 2013 via Beirut.com for Android