Citron is a cover band based in Beirut, with Alain Osta (Guitar/Vocals) and Joe Elias (Cajon/Oud). Citron covers various music styles including Alternative/Pop/Rock music with a twist.

Back in 2001 Alain Osta and Joe Elias met at a local advertising agency. Alain is a conservatory graduate, local guitar teacher and vocalist. Joe is a visual artist, academic teacher and self taught musician. Gathered around music appreciation, Alain and Joe played together various instruments and sets; jamming around local pubs, private events, and house gatherings.

During summer 2012, Citron came to life as an identity for this conjunction. A band playing covers of pop, rock, alternative artists with a twist, adding mid eastern tunes, rhythms, and soul into the music. Citron hosts one guest musician during each live performance securing an experimental non-monotonic course in every gig.


Addresses and Contacts

  • Mob.: +9613553130
    Mob.: +9613954939



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