Bringing you the Tamagotchi of 2013 and the Sims for children, 24-year-old Beirut-based Paul Salameh is already making thousands off of his simple, yet brilliant iOS game, Pou.

Reported by Wamda, the game has thus far hit the #1 most popular kids game for iPhones in the world. Salameh has also reportedly been offered $20 million for the games acquisition.

“People really relate to Pou, and they think it's cute,” Salameh told Wamda. “I've even seen people tattoo Pou on their hand.”

Basically, the game consists of a "pet" who you can feed, take care of, and clothe, as well as several mini-games that can earn you coins for other features. Hailed as addictive and entertaining, Salameh's Pou is evident that talent in Lebanon really does make it big.

Check out how the game looks like with a tutorial below.

Pou is available for download for free on Android and for $1.99 on the iPhone.


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