Surprise, surprise, the rumors are totally true.

The famous alto-crooner is set to perform at the Byblos International Festival on July 10, no doubt amidst an adoring audience of hundreds of fan girls and soundtrack appreciating boys. The Festival will also feature the likes of CeeLo Green, Nightwish and Yanni, among other world renowned singers.

After making it big with her hits "Video Games" and "Born to Die" Lana Del Rey has once again delivered with a beautifully orchestrated piece on The Great Gatsby's soon to be award-winning soundtrack, appropriately called "Young and Beautiful."

Featuring her characteristic deep register that's offset by a high-pitched girly chorus, "Young and Beautiful" has already captured the hearts of fans everywhere, including her gigantic fan base that's set here, in Lebanon. So make sure to get your tickets now at Virgin Ticketing Box Office, before they'll sold out—which I'm sure will be in no time at all.

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant y'all.

Lana Del Rey Is For Serious Coming to Lebanon

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