Ah, French, French, French.

When you think of French music, you think of soft acoustics and light lyrics and airy, melodic rhythms. Such is the case with the combination of French band Pony Pony Run Run and Lebanese band Goldfish Parade, who add a refreshing twist to the former's song, Come Back to Me.

The change? The inclusion of Layal Buheiry's breathy harmonies and Yann Charaoui's xylophone-like playing on an actual grenade. Combined with Pony's lead vocalist Gaëtan Réchin Lê Ky-Huong (yep that's his real name) wavery tenor tones, a smoothly upbeat acoustic melody that'll have you bopping along in no time, and the pleasant *tink* of the grenade, Come Back to Me leaves you with a happy sort of French feel of nonchalantness.

What starts off as slow and a little unsteady turns into a jovial song, and by the end of it, you'll join the little kid in the back of the video, screaming "no, no, no!" and hitting your replay button for the third round.



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