Born October 15, 1988, Joy Fayad is a Lebanese singer best known for her moving performances at several restaurants and pubs all over Gemayzeh, Hamra, Monot, Broumana, Jbeil, and Batroun. From old Blues to spoken Jazz, and acoustic to Rock 'n Roll, Fayad can not only make you want to sing along with her voice, but also dance along with her rhythm and tunes.

She is known as the lead vocalist of the former Jazz/Rock Lebanese band "Green Pepper", and presently, she performs with the people behind "Who Killed Bruce Lee".

Joy started out as a participant in her school's choir, learning to play the guitar and harmonica in the meanwhile. She also expanded her skill repertoire to include painting, sketching and animating, as she studied graphic design and animation in LAU and ALBA.

Joy Fayad

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