Oum el Nour is a Lebanese NGO committed to help individuals overcome drug addiction. Its programs guide, rehabilitate, accompany and follows up drug addicts.

Oum el Nour perceives drug addiction as an extensive problem, with destructive causes and consequences for the individual, the family, and society at large: from the wasted human potential and incapacitated production means, to the incidents resulting from the effect of or the need for drugs, to the high costs incurred not only on the material level but also on the moral and social levels.

Therefore, Oum el Nour endeavors to set up programs to welcome, guide, rehabilitate, accompany, and follow up on individuals suffering from drug addiction. In addition to the prevention programs, it also works on building a skilled staff able to assimilate and apply the latest scientific tools and methods, as well as develop and adapt them to the Lebanese society’s specificity.

This is achieved through a genuine spirit of interaction, communication, and sharing with all the parties concerned: international organizations, governmental organizations, public/private sector institutions, local communities, non-governmental organizations.

Oum El Nour

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    Zouk Mikayel Highway, St. Elie Bldg. Zouk Mikael Tel.: +9619210285



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