In an interview published on LBC news' website on Monday, Reem, a student in Arabic literature, lies in a hospital bed with severe injuries after her husband beat the sh*t out of her, all because she asked him for a divorce.

Reem says she's been dealing with her husband's violence for nine years now. In this latest incident, she sustained numerous injuries, including a broken right hand, a broken finger and deep gouges in her head after he hit her with a cane and with the back of a gun (which he usually keeps attached to his belt).

The victim says her husband, identified in the report only as Kh. B., did not want Reem to go to university and pursue her studies and also tried to prevent her from seeing her parents.

The grad student is now filing two lawsuits against her offender: one for attempted murder and another to legalize the divorce without her husband's consent. While divorce laws vary slightly according to different schools of Islamic teaching, the 'Khula" divorce, in general, allows a Muslim woman to end her marriage on the condition that she forgo any financial rights associated with the union.

In the end, Reem, in an ever-so-upstanding way simply says of her husband: "I pity him."

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