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We've already told you about Malek Maktabi’s sect babies and how the new reality show Splash had 85-year-old actor Salah Tizani diving into a pool. Now we bring you the latest low in LBC TV programming: Lebanese model Joelle Hatem's appearance on the show, "Ahla Jalse," which means, "The Most Beautiful Gathering."

Like America's own Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, 34-year-old Hatem is pretty much famous for doing nothing. She made noise in the media in April of last year when she announced on the MTV show, "Talk of the Town" that she's willing to pose nude for Playboy magazine.

Waw. Just waw.

During her interview on Tuesday with Tony Baroud, she revealed that one of her hobbies is ------ wait for it ------ throwing eggs at people... [silence].

Her interest in throwing eggs started ten years ago, she says (which means when she was 24-years-old).

When asked why she likes to do this, Hatem replies: “I don’t know, I just like to,” while simultaneously pointing her finger at her head. To translate this body language for you, what Hatem was actually saying is: "Because there's nothing, and I mean nothing, going on up here."

The “joke" continues when the show’s director asks Hatem if she wants to throw some eggs during the interview. Baroud is quick to jump on the bandwagon and crack a joke about the eggs, comparing them to male testicles [Har Har Har].

The model then tries to throw one of the eggs at a guest right before the program cuts to break.

Skip to the 37-minute mark of this video if you want to see it all go down. But fair warning: you'll never get those precious moments of your life back.

Joelle Hatem's Hobby is Throwing Eggs at People

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