The 60's were a time of booming musical brilliance; it was the era of The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Aretha Franklin and much more, as well as being the highlight of The Beatles.

Though you probably never heard of them, another band to debut in the early 60's was The Sea-ders (a clever play on the Lebanese Ceder), a Lebanese band that reek of Arab-Beatlism. Combing western and eastern influences in music (check out the song Thanks a Lot), the Sea-ders actually made it to UK radio—though without much success.

With the mellow singsong vocals of Paul McCartney and the easy lyrics reminiscent of the era, the Sea-ders add oriental twists to each of their songs, so much so that you'd never have any trouble remembering where they originally hailed from.

So feel free to plug in your headphones and check out the entire playlist. You'll be pleasantly blown away by the chill vibes and Arabic influences. Kinda makes you proud to be Lebanese.

And if you're interested to read up on the band, check out this article featuring an interview with the Sea-Ders’ drummer, Zouhair Tourmoche, and check out their Facebook page.


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