After yesterday's Saida clashes made local and international headlines, the interwebs erupted with a volley of tweets, Facebook posts, youtube videos, and blogposts. While some of the commentators remained hopeful, others, among them Myriam Klink and Lara Kay, spoke of their thoughts in depressing, ridiculous, and almost comedic posts.

So it's without further ado that I present 10 of the most outrageous Saida-related tweets from yesterday. Take heed though, reading this may cause you to lose your faith in humanity. I already lost mine long ago.

1. Total Optimism

2. Over Exaggeration

3. Comfort Food

4. Boobs and Bombs

5. Al-Assir

6. How...I..use...Google?

7. Home of the Infidels

8. Write a Will

9. Ah, the Lebanese Media

10. Myriam Klink "Fights" for Our Country

Bonus: Lara Kay's "Stop Terrorism"

Before you watch this half-minute video of a maked-up monkey stuffed in heels, I must warn you: do not (I repeat, do not) blame me if you get cancer. Godspeed.


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We could have enjoyed the article without Lara Kay's appearance thank you very much

Nicolas El Hayek on Jun 24, 2013 via web