Did you know that only 4% of donated blood in Lebanon is given voluntarily?

The other 96% of donations are given purely on a friend or family basis; in Lebanon, people in need of blood transfusions almost always know their donor.

As you probably realize, these numbers are pretty screwed up. Donated blood should be given of free will regardless of the recipient, and sick patients shouldn't have to call in favors via "replacement donation" to get their blood. That's why Donner Sang Compter created this video explanation about just how important it is to donate blood wholeheartedly.

Published on June 19, the video offers a two minute introduction about blood donation and its necessity in the Lebanese health care system. With the aim of revolutionizing the blood donation system in Lebanon, Donner Sang Compter has a travelling blood bank in the form of their DSC bus, which goes from hospital to hospital to distribute donated blood. They also advise that individuals who can should donate blood every three months. That's only four times a year. Imagine how many lives you could help save!


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