The new action-thriller flick White House Down is about an attack on the US president's residence by a group of heavily armed invaders.

The gorgeous Channing Tatum, whose mission it is to save the president, played by actor Jamie Foxx, magically escapes multiple rounds of automatic weapon fire numerous times, but hey, that's Hollywood magic for you.

What’s surprisingly new, though, is the Arab-friendly message I took away from watching the film. For once, the bad guys are American - and they want to kill the president because he actually wants PEACE in the Middle East and is willing to sign an agreement to pull troops out of the Arab region.

If anything, the director focuses on the fact that there are these American companies that are equipped with some of the deadliest weapon capabilities in the world and could use it to do way more harm than good. He also shows us that the White House's situation room has the advanced technology and equipment to set off a nuclear attack any where in the world. (Obviously, this is a movie so who knows if this is actually true.)

In the end, while the film continually tries to blast this message of world peace at the audience, it doesn't achieve this goal because well, there's so much violence and weapons being used throughout. At points, it even feels like a commercial for US weapons' trade deals. But that, my friends, is way better than the usual portrayal of Arab terrorists attempting to pull another 9/11 on the American people.

White House Down's Arab-Friendly Undertones

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