The Tomato Revolution (Thawrat Al Banadoora) was formed by civil society activists last month in protest over Parliament's decision to extend its own term for another 17 months.

Demonstrations have been held subsequently with every constitutional council meeting meant to address legal challenges to Parliament’s extension.

During this morning's protest, activist Rawand Issa was caught on tape struggling to keep her tomatoes’ from a female police officer who can be seen trying to wrangle the bag from Issa's hands.

Rawand is heard throughout the video saying: “Where is your conscience?” She then adds: “Why don’t you want me to say that to you? Aren't you the one who’s trying to rip these away from me?”

The activist concludes, “Shame on you by the way," as a voice in the background can be heard asking the police agent not to respond.

Several politicians have expressed their resentment at the so-called Tomato Revolution. Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun was quoted saying in an interview with Al-Jadeed TV on Sunday: Why would I go to the parliament meeting? To get a couple of tomatoes thrown at me?”

Kataeb bloc MP Elie Marouni also offered up this query to LBC during an interview on Monday: "Does throwing tomatoes and stepping on pictures show the real image that civil society is giving to Lebanese? They should give the tomatoes a break."

And as for journalist May Chidiac, who was running for parliamentary elections until they were postponed, her Facebook status on Sunday offers this opposition to the Tomato Revolution: "What does the tomatoes’ revolution mean? If they protested with class I wouldn't say anything, but throwing tomatoes at cars is a sign of class? Hell no!!! Go give those tomatoes to poor families and Syrian refugees. It is only then that we will believe that you have noble goals!!!”

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