Before you read this, stop and assess your hunger level. Are you slightly hungry, but comfortable? Full to bursting? Starving?

If you're either of the last two, I suggest you move on, for the coming pictures are totally saliva-inducing.

Brought to you by Munchies House, the delicious options below are great for a quick bite, full meal, or barely-have-room-for-more dessert. Located in Verdun, Spinneys Jnah, and Al Qalamoun, the snack spot is brilliant for the health conscious (frozen yogurt anyone?) or not-so-health conscious (mmm, waffle-coated hotdogs). Whatever your diet range like, you can be sure to find something afforable, delicious and positively munch-worth at munchies.

P.S. I recommend you dip everything in chocolate. Life's better that way.

1. Chocolate and Fruit Waffle

2. Zero Fat Frozen Yogurt

3. Baked Potato Salad

4. Chocolate Pineapple Waffle Sandwich

5. Waffle Hotdog

(Photos via @munchieshouse)

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