With summertime temperatures reaching a staggering mid-30's, some food and drink options seem much too ridiculous to indulge in. Steaming mugs of coffee are now being replaced with their lesser, ice counterparts, salads chosen over soups, and sometimes, food is forgotten all together. It's just too damn hot to eat.

Luckily, there are options for those really craving a winter-time dish. In fact, Rare The Restaurant actually serves up a cool Gazpacho Soup (who knew soup came cold?) for overheated people who miss all the flavors of seasons past.

I know what your thinking. How can a soup be classified as a soup if its cold? Well, technically soup only has to be a liquid dish, and can be served warm or cold and even sweet. (For example check out Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup, a cherry based soup served cold and sweet).

Interestingly enough, some believe that gazpacho soup originated as an Arab recipe, and was brought to Spain to become a staple of the Andalusian cuisine. Nowadays, the tomato and vegetable soup is served all over the world, and is particularly popular during summer time. So join in on the nontraditional tradition and eat some soup.... cold.

Check out Rare the Restaurant's full menu here.

Rare the Restaurant's Summer-Friendly Gazpacho Soup

(Photo via @RARE_Restaurant)



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