In What Young Women Ought to Know, the latest track and video from The Incompetents, a spontaneous action thriller sequence comes to life on the Beirut – Batroun highway.

Dark but humorous, the clip has an adrenaline pumping feel pulled straight from the pages of an indie graphic novel. It opens with a man (Serge Yared, lead singer of the Incompetents) smoking melancholically on an abandoned hotel rooftop and entering a decrepit taxi with a bespectacled friend (Fadi Tabbal, producer and multi-instrumentalist). The scene takes a turn for the crazy when a van of enraged women (played by members of the first all-female Lebanese punk band "Deep Throat") takes chase. Dark eyeliner, tattoos, and pink boas abound as the rebellious group of girls threaten the Incompetents, hunting them down in knee-high boots and brandishing leather whips.

Like a twisted fairytale, the clip ends mysteriously when one of the unknown pursuers opens a stolen suitcase brimming with pink paraphernalia and glitter, answers a phone and laughs maniacally. We can only imagine who is on the other end of the line, which will be revealed in part two of the clip, set to be released on Friday.

The director, Gigi Roccati, describes the clip to as a “a Beiruti neon thriller where revenge meets rock'n roll.” He explains that the abstract concept for the sequence was partially inspired by the instrumental nature of the track, a rock meets electronica meets indie fusion vibe that allows the imagination to wander. The aggression and intensity of the music video come from his understanding of a new generation, that due to a tough economy and increasingly difficult state of affairs, has been forced to actively reach out and take what is theirs in order to succeed. These days, nothing is given out easily or for free, and the clip’s seemingly senseless but inspiring aggression is testimony to a hungry but motivated generation.

Roccati also tells of how he wanted to "give back to Beirut, a city with an incredibly vibrant, energetic, underground scene."

As fantasy-like as the clip is, it retains a very Lebanese feel. Complete with an eccentric service driver, a beautiful Batroun sunset and mad driving skills, it captures Beirut's raw, gritty and fun side both playfully and dramatically.

For a sneak peek at part two, check out the stills below:

We can’t wait to see the rest!

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Check out part two.


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