In the right corner we have Abdul Rahman Hallab’s ad, which says, " It’s in Jounieh?? Sweet…”

And in the left corner we have Doueihy’s billboard ad, which reads: “You've arrived late to Jounieh, Sweety…"

Let's get ready to rumble!

(Photo via Fares Kallab on Facebook)

Hallab’s Jounieh branch opened up at the beginning of July and it seems their competitors aren't as happy as the customers might be.

This sweets war photo went viral Tuesday across social media and, as of this morning, both companies are making it clear that they’re up to the challenge.

What's even more fun, is checking out some of the comments from loyal fans.

"No one can beat Hallab, so don't try to put up [a fight] with him because in the end you'll lose and only then will the moving be as sweet, sweety. "

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