Sexist jokes are as old as time itself.

Whether it's a caveman building a huge fire to establish his manliness, a Renaissance man painting his lover's likeness, or a businessman taking out a loan to buy an unnecessary Ferrari, men often go to comically great lengths to exude testosterone.

Cleverly playing on this idea is 1st for Women Insurance, a service which provides international care policies for only women. Posted this week on Ads of the World, the insurance company's Arab-themed advertisement is only one of several genius designs, all poking fun at men's egotistical nature.

With the slogan "Guys + Money = "Mine is bigger than yours", the ad basically spells out what we were already thinking: that Burj Khalifa is the Saudi's way to compensate for.... something.

Check out the rest of their amusing ads here.

Women's Insurance Company Pokes Fun at Burj Khalifa

(Photo via Ads of the World)


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