"The man who had his penis off because he married a woman from a different sect!" That's the headline of Al-Jadeed's July 16 news interview with Rabee Al Ahmad.

During the nearly four minute interview, Rabee tells the reporter his side of the penis cutting story - which everyone and their mother has been talking about since news of the incident broke Tuesday.

“We eloped but we're married legally and according to sharia' law," says the 39-year-old man to Al-Jadeed about his marriage to Rudayna Meaab. “I knew that maybe her parents didn't want us to get married... her brothers asked her many times to choose between me and them, and she picked me."

Rabee said Meaab's family sent investigators to his home to see if they had the proper legal paperwork for the marriage, and everything was certified and verified. On Monday night, he says, the family called to say they wanted to reconcile.

"I was reassured by her two brothers and their friend who came to my place and told me there was nothing to be afraid of. It is only then that Rudayna Melaab and I got in her brother’s car and went to Baysour.”

“The minute I walked in the door, seven or eight men started beating me. I couldn't recognize who was who... they hit me with sticks, guns and with their bare hands and feet.”

Ahmad ended his description of the incident, saying: "This should be a lesson they said as they took me outside, took off my clothes and cut it [my penis]. Rudayna's uncle and brother did it."

The couple has been together for over two years now and had been married for 15 days.

According to Al-Jadded, the bride is nowhere to be found. Ahmad’s family has demanded an investigation into the incident.

Baysour’s mayor described the act as barbarian, but also said "We did our part here, we took him to the hospital and paid for his treatment."

Post Edit:

According to LBC News, the head of the Baysour municipality confirmed that the suspects who attacked Rabee were arrested by the Internal Security Forces Information Bureau.


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