Coteaux de Botrys a Lebanese winery founded in 1998 by the late General Joseph G. Bitar. Later, in 2004, the Chedid and Anid families joined him. That's how today 16.5 hectares of vineyards, with over 60,000 vines, are situated in North Lebanon's region of Batroun (The name of Botrys is the ancient Phoenician and Greek name of Batroun), in the areas of Kfifane, Jrane and Edde at an altitude between 250 to 400m.

The winery has fermentation tanks, tanks with floating covers, destemmer, the bottling and corking machine and the vertical presses. A 300-year-old farm house next to the winery has been converted to cellars, a boutique and an open air area for wine tasting. The terrace overlooks a portion of the vineyard and in the distance we see the city of Batroun and the sea.

Coteaux de Botrys

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    Edde Batroun Tel.: +9616721300
    Mob.: +9613238937
    Mob.: +9613517508



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