On August 1, 1945, two years after Lebanon gained independence from French rule, the Lebanese Armed Forces were placed under the full authority of the national government.

And so it is on this day every year that we commemorate the Lebanese Army.

As opposed to last year, or maybe as far back as 2007 (after the Nahr El-Bared clashes ended), it appears media coverage and army-oriented ads from various companies have significantly decreased. And I'm sure the clashes in Saida, which happened in June between hardliner Sunni Shiekh Ahmed al Assir's supporters and the Lebanese army, didn't help the situation at all.

Al Rifai Roastary posted this ad saluting the army just after the Saida clashes ended, only to have it apparently taken down from the company's Facebook page a few days later.

(The caption reads in English: "A tribute to the army.")

Last year, H&C Leo Burnett launched this army tribute ad. However, the company hasn't come out with anything this year.

Same goes for Exotica's ad posted last year on army day. This year, too, we haven't seen anything new.

It's mostly the Lebanese army itself campaigning for this year's 2013 army day gathering on August 1 in Martyrs' Square.

(Part of the caption reads in English: "I'm going to give them my heart, why are you going? I'm going to pray for them, why are you going?")

At least Alfa Telecom appears to have put some thought into the commemorative day to save us from a near-media blackout.

(The caption reads in English: "We thank your hands on this day - August 1.")

And McDonald's just all out took advantage of the situation to pump up themselves and advertise a special offer.

(The caption reads in English: "The McChicken is for 5,000 LL now. Why? Because it's army day.")

So the Lebanese army motto is: "Honor, Sacrifice, Loyalty." For everyone who thought it was too controversial to make an ad for this year's national Army Day, we say to them: where's the love people? You should salute the country's martyr's, regardless.

(The caption reads in English: "You don't need a cover, you're everybody's cover." Photo via Facebook)

Post edit:
Both Exotica and Al Rifai decided to add some last minute ads on Thursday to contribute to Army Day after all.

Note: We didn't crop the picture. Exotica's creative department did.

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