According to the Legal Agenda website, on July 10, Judge Nader Mansour issued a judgment in favor of a domestic migrant worker for the first time in Lebanon, following a lawsuit filed by the migrant worker against her employer.

The lawsuit was supported by the NGO Kafa "Enough Violence and Exploitation" to reclaim the worker's salary, which had been confiscated for three years in a row by the defendant's employer.

The employer was deemed guilty on charges of "abuse of trusteeship" as mentioned in Article 671 of the Lebanese Penal Code.

The employer was sentenced to two months in jail and ordered to pay 500,000 LL to the court, in addition to $3,750 for the amount owed to the defendant, plus 1,500,000 LL in damages.

Migrant Domestic Worker Wins Lawsuit For First Time in Lebanon

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