This month, AnOther Magazine features Beirut furniture designers Hoda Barodi and Maria Hibri, the creators behind the Bokja brand, in their Modern Culture Curators project. It's a documentary series that explores international craftspeople and industry-defining creatives.

Stefan Heinrichs' brilliant editing smoothly guides viewers through the design teams beginnings and shows us how Barodi and Hibri combine creative embroidery, knitting and assemblage techniques to design one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture for their Saifi Village boutique.

With a clientele that includes Christian Louboutin and Julia Roberts, Bokja promotes a poetic use of color, modern femininity, an emphasis on craftsmanship and the sustainable use of available materials.

"Beirut in it's own right is an inspiration. It's a city that is layered, and every layer is an inspiration to us," says Barodi. "Our work is all about juxtapositions; it is a mirror of the city we live in."



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