The Lebanese are masters of dark comedy, and can you blame us when continuously serious social and political realities underscore our daily lives?

We've got to admit, though, in a country like ours, you can't help but point out the irony and straight-up humorous situations we often find ourselves in. Check out our ten favorite #OnlyinLebanon moments captured on Twitter.

1.Typical Lebanese hospitality.

2. The sign reads: "For those who stole a green nissan car, please call its owner at 03/346661 to return it in exchange for a large amount of money. Thank you.

3. The photo that speaks for itself.

(Posted earlier in one of our blogs)

4. A 'Ramadan Kareem' ad is positioned right above an ad for Whiskey.

5. The sign reads: "Please don't bomb in front of this store because more than half of the merchandise is on loan."

6. Makeup lasts forever

7. So does nargileh.

8. Ever buy an original Justin Bieber "Undere TheMistleto" CD for a dollar? #OnlyinLebanon

Photo via Twitpic

9. Another electricity blackout? No problem, Lebanese students got that one covered.

10. It is never a bad time to pull a Zouzou Ebba-stunt moment on your motorcycle.

11. Potholes that resemble the shape of Lebanon on a map.

12. Tanning anytime, anywhere.

13. Lebanese policemen are waterproof.

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