Attention visual artists of Beirut! Your local scene needs you!

Beirut Open Stage is a traveling platform that seeks to showcase Lebanon's finest musical talents. It recently hosted the event, Beirut Open Stage: Wave One, where local independent artists went head-to-head for the chance to be recorded and featured in a full-fledged local compilation album, Beirut Wave One.

In an effort to showcase as many aspects of Beirut's local artistic scene as possible, and keep it 100% homegrown, Beirut Open Stage has called upon visual artists to step right up and submit their ideas for the album's cover artwork.

The winning bands who are to be featured in the album (Nuthouse Mule, Loopstache, Safar, Ramly, and Split Second) will each select their favorite submission, after which, the public will vote for their own favorite of those five online.

Send your submissions to before October 21, 2013.


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