KidzMondo, city of education and entertainment, will soon open in 20 countries across the European Union through a partnership agreement with the Dogmoch Group and various other German companies.

Ali Kazma, chairman of Kidz Holding S.A.L, and the man behind the innovative KidzMondo concept, met with Dogmoch Group Chairman and Senator Mohammed Yassin Dogmoch on October 8 to make the partnership official in a signing ceremony attended by members of the board of directors from both companies.

The first five branches of the expanded KidzMondo City concept are expected to open up within the next seven years, with preparations already underway for new locations in Spain and Germany.

"We want to introduce the most exciting mini-city in the world to the largest number of nations, adding a new dimension to a concept we firmly believe in: education through entertainment," Senator Dogmoch was quoted as saying.

According to Kazma, KidzMondo is also gearing up for launches in Istanbul, Abu Dhabi and other Arab and Gulf countries.

KidzMondo, an "edutainment" site for children between the ages of 2 and 14, introduces the adult word - banks, grocery stores, academic pursuits and more - in a fun and engaging environment that sparks natural creativity and interest from kids.

Lebanon's KidzMondo Set for Major Expansion in Europe


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