It’s that time of year again: Halloween. We don’t celebrate this holiday as extensively as they do in other parts of the world, but we do what we can, and that mainly manifests itself in the form of costume parties. While most people see these parties as an opportunity to just dress silly (or slutty), some consider it a test of wit, creativity, and cultural knowledge.

Here are six quick and clever costume ideas for all the hip kids out there.

1. Wadih el Safi

(Photo via Byblos Festival)

Wadih el Safi may have sadly passed away earlier this month, but his legacy lives on. Show your adoration for the late and beloved Lebanese folk artist with this tribute costume.

.What you'll need:
-Suit and tie
-Bald cap (leaving a bit of hair on the sides, the greyer it is the better)

Bonus points if you get your girlfriend to dress up as a cedar tree and embrace her all night long, because we all know how much Safi loved this great land.

2. Tomato Revolution Tomato

(Photo via Eye on the East)

The Tomato Revolution protest that famously took place this past June saw activists and protesters hurl tomatoes at images of Lebanese politicians, and even their cars. Bring that rebellious spirit back to life by going as a Tomato Revolution tomato.

What to do:
-Dress up as a standard tomato (red sweater, red pants, green paper hat, etc.)
-If you see anyone dressed as a politician, or just being corrupt in some way, leap into them headfirst

3. Ania Lisewska’s Unfulfilled Lebanese Orgy

(Photo via Brim Time)

You may recall Ania Lisewska, the 21-year old Polish girl on a mission to have sex with 100,000 men from around the world, and how she was denied entry to Lebanon by officials. Give partygoers a look into what could have been by going as Lisewska’s Lebanese orgy that never was.

What you’ll need:
-Black wig
-About four male blowup dolls

Just strap the dolls to your waist via the rope and become an instant walking gangbang.

4. Fadel Shaker

(Photo via The Arab Observer)

In 2011, pop singer Fadel Shaker booked himself a one-way-ticket on the crazy train when he quit his music career and announced his allegiance to Ahmed al-Assir, the Salafist sheikh who earlier this year ignited a clash between his militants and the Lebanese Army. Shaker claimed to have killed two soldiers and is currently in hiding with al-Assir. If you’re going for scary this year, give this one a try.

What to do:
-Show up all neat and clean-shaven with a big bag
-As the party progresses, pull out a fake beard and toy AK-47 from the bag
-Freak everyone out and start threatening them
-Hide out in the toilet till the party’s over

5. Psy Impersonator and Jean Saliba

(Photo via Blog Baladi)

The public were outraged this past August when they eagerly attended the “Gangnam Style Official Tour” event in Beirut which featured almost none of the promised acts. The main headliner Korean artist Psy was replaced by a mere look-alike impersonator, despite event organizer Jean Saliba promoting the event as featuring Psy himself. Relive this ridiculous debacle with this ingenious costume.

What to do:
-Dress up as Psy, but do not under any circumstances do the Gangnam Style dance
-Have a friend dress up as Jean Saliba and follow you around all night
-If anyone asks you to do the Gangnam Style dance, point to your buddy, who will demand a 1,000 L.L. fee
-If they pay up, Gangnam Style your ass off

6. Beirut River Crocodile

(Photo via Plus 961)

This past July, it was discovered that the Beirut River is home to a Nile crocodile. The out-of-place reptile has rarely been seen and has gone unnoticed for years until now, and precisely how it ended up in the river remains a mystery. This is a great opportunity to show some love for Beirut’s surprise guest of the year.

What to do:
-Dress up as a standard crocodile
-Wander around the party all night looking confused and avoiding all forms of social interaction

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