While everyone was busy commenting on the new BlackBerry app for iPhone and android users, six noteworthy news topics went down in Lebanon this past week.

1. Lebanese Hostages in Azaaz Released

(Photo via the Daily Star)

After being held hostage for 16 months on the Syrian-Turkish borderer, nine Lebanese returned to their families in the suburbs of Beirut on Saturday, October 19. The negotiation also included the release of two Turkish Airlines pilots who were kidnapped in Beirut in August. In a true sign of Lebanese hospitality, a video was released showing the Turkish pilots dancing, cooking and smoking nargileh during their time in captivity.

2. 13-Year-Old Kidnapped and Forced in to Marriage in Bekaa

(Photo via lstatic.org).

The father of 13-year-old Eva Ghazal claims she was kidnapped and forced to marry Hussein Msheik early last week.

Ghazal's family reportedly had financial troubles with the Msheik family. A call they received days after her disappearance claimed she was married to Hussein Msheik, in a ceremony that was legally approved by Cheikh Hassan Al Mawla. Eva is still in the custody of her kidnappers and her family is calling on authorities to take action.

3. Seven Killed and Dozens Wounded in Tripoli Clashes

(Photo via almanar.com.lb)

Tripoli has witnessed ongoing clashes between Jabal Mohsen, which backs the Syrian President, and Bab al-Tabbaneh, a neighborhood in support of the Syrian rebels since Monday. The northern port city has been a point of recurrent clashes between the opposing sides linked to the crisis in Syria.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, clashes started Monday after a television interview with Syrian president Bachar al-Assad.

4. Lebanese Journalist Samir Kassab is Missing in Syria

(Photo via Naharnet)

Samir Kassab, Sky News Arabia's cameraman, was reported missing along with Mauritanian national Ishak Moctar and their unnamed Syrian driver last week. The journalist's family released a statement on October 22 asking officials to help secure his release.

5. Demolition of Tawk Wedding Venue in Bcharre Sparks Confrontation

(Photo via theDaily Star)

A group of men attacked security forces on Tuesday in Bcharre while they were attempting to demolish a concrete runway constructed for the wedding of former MP Gebran Tawk's son near the Cedar reserve. http://www.beirut.com/l/27597

In August of 2013, media reported that a giant construction site was erected in the area, which is referred to as the "Cedars of God" and is listed on UNESCO's world heritage list, in preparation for Tawk's son's wedding.

6. Lebanese Caricaturist Jean Machaalani Dies at 79

(Photo via stavrotoons.com)

After more than 50 years of daily caricature drawings for Al-Anwar newspaper and Assayad magazine, the caricaturist Jean Machaalani died on Sunday, October 20 at the age of 79.

Machaalani was an autodidact who started drawing caricatures for An-Nidal newspaper in 1952.

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