Check out six noteworthy news topics that went down in Lebanon this past week.

1. First Baby Born Without a Sect in Lebanon

(Photo via Annahar)

Lebanon celebrated a milestone this week when it was announced that baby Ghadi, the son of Kholoud Sukkarieh and Nidal Darwish, was reportedly the first child in Lebanon to be born without a religious sect listed on his birth certificate. He was born September 30, but the couple announced his birth this week.

Sukkarieh and Darwish earlier this year became the first Lebanese couple to have a secular, civil marriage in Lebanon.

2. Moawad Jewelery Designs $10 Million Bra

(Photo via Dailymail).

It was announced this week that Candice-Swanepoel, a South African model for Victoria's Secret will be wearing Mouawad Jewelry's $10 million bra and matching belt on the runway of the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing December 10.

3. Forced marriage of Eva Ghazal, 13, Annulled

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We told you last week about 13-year-old Eva Ghazal who was kidnapped and forced to marry against her will.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, the Higher Shiite Council issued on Tuesday a decision to annul Ghazal’s marriage while her kidnappers, Hasan and Hussein Msheik, remain at large.

4. Halloween Nun and Priest Costumes Confiscated by Police

(Photo via Aljadeed)

According to Al-Jadeed TV, police confiscated nun and priest Halloween costumes from Jal El-Dib, Hazmieh and Zouk Mikael early on Wednesday after a complaint was filed by the Catholic Information Center saying it "refused to diminish the christian symbols" under the cover of freedom of expression.

5. Assir Aide, Dressed in Drag, Arrested

(Photo via theAnnahar)

According to the Daily Star newspaper, Ahmad Qablawi, one of Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir's close aides and a fugitive on the run, was arrested on October 30 at Al Awali checkpoint in Saida. He was wearing women's clothing in an attempt to disguise himself.

He was later transferred to the Mohammad Zughaib Barracks.

6. Four Men Dead After Personal Dispute in Jbeil

(Photo via theLBC news)

Four men died on Friday, November 1 following a personal dispute in Jbeil. According to the National News Agency, Pamela Jouhary had recently complained to her boyfriend, Alain al Qouba, that a man by the name of Tony Bou Younness has been stalking her.

Pamela and Alain returned home on Friday night to find Tony waiting for them. The situation escalated, leaving Tony Bou Youness, Alain's father, Michel al Qouba, and Syrian national Refaat Krad, who came with the father to offer support, dead. Shortly after learning about his son's death, Tony's father fatally shot himself in the stomach. He was 70-years-old.

Pamela was detained by police for further investigation.

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