Amid the immense tragedy we witnessed following twin suicide bombings in Beirut on Tuesday, a flicker of humanity remains.

(Photo by Hasan Shaaban via the Daily Star)

(Photo by Hussein Malla via Annahar)

In a country with a dire record of human rights abuses against migrant domestic workers, this man was spotted heroically coming to the aid of at least two of these women who were visibly injured in the blasts. We don't know his name, or his relationship to the women, but we know one thing for sure: in the face of such great loss and despair, it's heartwarming to see one human being reaching out to another, regardless of race, background, belief or color.

We'd love to know the identity of this man. Share this story so we can pay tribute to one hero out of many heroes who came to the rescue of those injured during Tuesday's bombings.

The hero has identified himself in the comments section below our post. His name is Khaled Alsalhani.

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Khaled, thank you so much for your selflessness and humble attitude. On behalf of, we commend you for your actions on Tuesday. It's people like you who make us believe in a better Lebanon. Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts.

Angie Nassar on Nov 20, 2013 via web
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Thank you, for this wonderful article, though of course what happened to those beautiful women is tragic. And thank you, Khaled, for being the perfect example of what we should all be like in this country. You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you x 100.

Madeline Hamze on Nov 20, 2013 via web
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Hello My name is Khaled Alsalhani, I am the person in the picture I have helped more than five people is simply collecting body parts I'm not a hero and I did what I was told that you can do, because the most beautiful thing in this life is to help each other when you need regardless of thehis community or the color of his skin Va. We are all human beings

Khalid Salhani on Nov 20, 2013 via mobile web