1. Lebanese Burn Down Syrian Refugee Camp in Bekaa

(Photo via Al-Akhbar)

According to Al-Akhbar newspaper, residents of Qsarnaba village forced hundreds of Syrian refugees from an informal campsite to leave on December 2 after burning down their tents.

The refugees were accused of raping a mentally-disabled man. The doctor who examined the man said there was no evidence he was attacked, according to Al-Akhbar.

The camp housed some 400 refugees in around 100 tents and shelters.

2. Hezbollah Commander Assassinated in Hadath

(Photo via the Daily Star)

Hassan Hawlo al Lakkis, a senior Hezbollah commander, was assassinated while parking his vehicle in the garage of his apartment complex on Tuesday at around 12:00 a.m. Lakkis was shot in the head and the neck five times.

3. Rain Cuts Off Airport Road, Causes Huge Traffic Jam

(Photo via Al-Akhbar)

On Wednesday, December 4, rainwater rendered the airport road completely impassable for hours in both directions. On Thursday morning, one side of the airport road's tunnel was briefly blocked because a Civil Defense Department vehicle used for pumping out rainwater broke down.

The Internal Security Forces and the department later removed the vehicle from the tunnel to allow commuters to reach their destinations.

Caretaker Public Works Minister Ghazi al-Aridi was criticized over neglect. and was scheduled to hold a press conference at 12:00 pm Thursday but he later canceled it.

4. Customs Officer Charged in Attack on Al-Jadeed TV crew

(Photo via the Daily Star)

According to the Daily Star, Senior Customs officer Ibrahim Shamseddine was charged in the November 27 attack on Al-Jadeed TV crew members.

Shamseddine was charged for "using force and beating" journalists.

Four of Al-Jadeed reporters, Riyad Kobeissi, Ali Shreim, Adib Farhat and Ali Khalife, were beaten and detained.

5. Monastery Head Sentenced to a Life of Isolation

(Photo via Facebook)

According to the Daily Star, following a complaint about violations of Christian life and the call for priesthood, Archimandrite Panteleimoun Farah was banned from heading monastery matters, and sentenced to a life of isolation at the Hamatoura Monastery, which he leads in Kousba, based on George Khodr's decision (Orthodox Bishop of Mount Lebanon) , according to the rules of the Holy See of Antioch.

According to LBCI News, the allegations involve child molestation.

Bonus Pick: Video of Lebanese Dancing Dabke in Rainstorm

A video surfaced on YouTube over the week showing Lebanese men dancing Dabke while arabic songs were played in the background. The video was apparently filmed on Wednesday on the airport road during the major traffic jam.

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