1. Iranian Embassy Suicide Bombers Identified

Picture showing from left to right Lebanese Adnan Moussa and Palestinian Mouin Abou Dahr.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, a Lebanese and a Palestinian national were identified as the two suicide bombers involved in the attack on Iran's Embassy on Tuesday. The blasts, believed to be pulled off by Mouin Abou Dahr, 21, and Adnan Mousa Mohammad, 19, killed at least 25 people and wounded more than 150.

2. Al-Jadeed Journalists Beaten and Detained

(Photo via the Daily Star)

Four of Al-Jadeed TV's reporters: Riyad Kobeissi, Ali Shreim, Adib Farhat and Ali Khalife were detained and interrogated after attempting to interview an official at Beirut's downtown customs office on Wednesday. A fight broke out between the reporters and the customs' office security officers outside the building.

The leaked Aljadeed footage showed Kobeissi using a megaphone to demand an interview for his show "Taht Ta'ilat Al Mas'ouliya" with the head of the Customs General Directorate about alleged corruption at Rafik Hariri Airport. Fighting then broke out in the middle of Riad al-Solh Street.

3. USJ Classes Suspended After Student Brawls

(Photo via the Daily Star)

USJ's business faculty at its Huvelin campus in Monot closed on Tuesday and Wednesday after fights broked out between students from the Lebanese Forces party and others from Hezbollah. The fight was reportedly sparked by students who wrote Habib Chartouni, late President Bashir Gemayel's assassin, on one of the university's walls with a heart under it.

Last week’s student elections results may have also been behind the fights. The March 14 student coalition, led by the Lebanese Forces, won the elections.

4. Sectarian Tensions in Tripoli Renewed

(Photo via Naharnet)

According to Naharnet, Tripoli's clashes were renewed on Thursday, after at least three residents of the neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen were shot in their feet when passing in the area of Al Zahriyeh.

Tension erupted after members of the Arab Democratic Party planted a Syrian flag in Jabal Mohsen, then Bab al-Tabbaneh residents replied by hoisting the flag of the revolution.

On Saturday, at least six people from Bab al-Tabbaneh were killed when gunfire was exchanged between members of the Sunni Muslim neighborhood and residents of the rival Jebel Mohsen neighborhood.

5. Lebanese Man Rents Fouad Chehab Stadium to Propose

(Photo via Aljoumhouria)

According to href="http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-News/2013/Nov-26/238931-army-isf-defuse-sectarian-standoff-at-university-in-beirut.ashx#axzz2lwksgPfe" target="_new">Al-Joumhouria newspaper, a Lebanese citizen identified only as Fouad proposed to his girlfriend, Sandra, by writing the phrase 'Marry Me' inside Jounieh’s Fouad Chehab Stadium which he had rented out for the proposal. He then flew Sandra over the stadium in a private jet so he could pop the question.

6. Michel El Murr Spotted Checking Out MP Strida Geagea

(Photo via Aljadeed.tv)

During the founding anniversary celebration of the Lebanese Phalanges Party last Sunday (November 24), former State President Michel Murr was spotted checking out MP Strida Geagea.

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