As youngsters, my brothers used to rave about Bliss House on every summer trip our family took to Lebanon. The burgers and submarines, stuffed with sizzling meat and globs of sauce, left little to be desired. My youngest brother swore so religiously by the joint that, upon leaving Lebanon at summer's end, he would stow a Bliss House menu in his luggage to take back home to California. Nearly every day for the following year, he'd pull it out of his drawer, admire photos of the food items, smile nostalgically, and then restore it to its cherished hideout. Next summer couldn't come fast enough.

Today, over a decade later, Bliss House is still all hustle and bustle, with seven branches in Lebanon and several more across Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They specialize in burgers, submarines, sandwiches, and juice cocktails, but they are particularly notorious for their Philly Steak and Chicken Fajita.

But what will really knock your socks off is the comprehensive nutrition database on the Bliss House website, which is unprecedented for a fast food joint in Lebanon or the region.

Each sandwich, juice, or cocktail lists every ingredient and its corresponding calorie, protein, carb, fat, and fiber content. You can virtually see where every calorie consumed is coming from. We’re not too sure how methodic and consistent the preparation of Bliss House food items is, but nevertheless, this gives a great overall view of each sandwich's demons. We were quite impressed.

Danielle Issa is a food blogger in Lebanon. You can find her on Twitter, and be sure to check out her blog, Beirutista.

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