A group of Lebanese abroad have rallied together to help restore the Al Saeh Library in Tripoli after assailants attempted to burn it down on January 3.

Michelle Makhoul, 22, a resident of Detroit, Michigan, and project coordinator of the Al Saeh Book Drive told Beirut.com, "I felt like the fire that was lit in that library was lit in my heart, and I had to help."

"Every time we wake up in America, turn on the TV and are hit with news of yet another bombing in Lebanon, another assassination, another person dead, our hearts break, and even worse... We [usually] can't do anything to help!"

But this time, it's different. What started out as an initiative for Lebanese expats in the US has made its way back to this country, with two local drop-off points now available for anyone who wants to donate new or slightly used books in French, English and Arabic to the library.

Makhoul says she's already overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm for the effort she's witnessing abroad. "You can take any person out of Lebanon, but his heart will forever remain in Lebanese soil," she says.

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The donation campaign will continue until January 31. The two drop-off locations are:

1. Mar Mikhael

Floyd the Dog Pub

Mar Mikhael, facing Al Manar Gas Station
Mob.: +9613286596
Contact person: Bashir Wardini

Every day after 6:00 p.m.

2. Kfarchima:

Adab w Riyada Club
Main road leading towards Bseba (Tari' l der)
Following the clubs signs, location is 200 m to the left

Every day after 4:00 p.m.

If you happen to be reading this from outside of Lebanon, you can find out about other drop-off locations here.

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