It’s official: there is something very weird going on in the Lebanese music industry. Fair enough, art is subjective, but these lyrics in particular... these lyrics are something else.

And the question I can’t help but ask is: "who wrote them?" Better yet, how do these singers feel when they're forced to utter some of these utterly bizarre phrases?

I’m either mad or there is definitely something wrong in the world. Here are the worst of the worst when it comes to Lebanese lyrics.

1. Boos L Wawa – Haifa Wehbe

Kiss the pain
See the pain
Let the pain be cured.

When you saw the pain
And kissed the pain
Pain went “bah”!

If there were anything on earth I wish I could know – other than the recipe of Balthazar’s mouthwatering bread pudding – it would have to be who wrote this song.

It would be a great honor to be able to meet the thinker behind the lyrics “Kiss the wawa (which, he/she uses as a euphemism for the otherwise powerful word “pain”), see the wawa, let the wawa be fixed.”

No, really. How and why did this song come into existence?

2. Wawa Ah – Dominique Hourani

Don’t play with fire
Wawa ah!
Don’t try to make me jealous
Wawa ah!
Wawaaa ahhh!

Perhaps because the Lebanese nation has suffered through so much pain, the notion of “wawa” constantly surfaces in the flourishing music industry. Although not as creative and descriptive as “Boos L Wawa”, this song also talks about the wawa. Dominique, god bless her soul, reminds us not to play with fire because if we do, we will get wawa. Also, whoever her lover is, should not try to make her jealous as the consequence of that would also be wawa, but with an added “ah”, because, just like Katy Perry’s lover, Dominique is hot and cold.

3. My Meow – Nancy Afiouny

Baby I’ve got you all excited just thinking about
The way I let your fire go on and put it out
If I was down I bet you'd take it right here right now (AW)
You want My Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow,
You want my Meow Meow
My Meow Meow

Now, it’s definitely a known fact that Nancy Afiouny was inspired by iconic singer Miriam Klink’s song about Antar, her “lovely cat”, whose “meow” is for her “music all day”. Afiouny built on this trend and sang, “You want My Meow, Meow, Meow” for almost entirely four minutes on end, dedicating this song to Miriam Klink.

4. Eb’atly Email – Sabine

Send me an email,
and talk to me.
And I’ll send back,
all my love.
Send me an email and fix things with me,
and the letter is what is promised!!!

Now I can see where Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey get their whole cyber-love inspiration from.

5. Bos Alaya – Dana

Shh, shh, shh.
Look at me, look at me (x2)
I am Dana,
I am Dandan,
Open your eyes,
You will eat malban

What? How? What logical sequence does this one follow? You are Dana, yes, we get that. You are Dandan, we get that, too. But why would the opening of our eyes lead us to eating a sweet?


6. 3ara2 mabishrab 3ara2 – Ayman Zbib

I don’t drink arak, arak I don’t drink
Neither whiskey nor tequila
And curse upon the father of arg’ileh
And flew, flew the birds (?)


*shoots self and dies*

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