Last Thursday, hundreds of AUB students rallied at the university's main gate and in front of College Hall for two hours to protest the administration's decision to increase tuition by six percent in 2015.

The students also complained about a lack of transparency between the student body and administration with regards to where tuition is being allocated. The University Student Faculty Committee for Tuition Increase said they had met twice with AUB President Peter Dorman before the demonstration. After a culmination of frustration, students decided to act democratically and hold a sit-in to express their disapproval (although, there was some dabke action towards the end).

We applaud the students for their efforts, but even more so for their various attempts to keep things fun and lighthearted with these posters from the protest. Check out our favorites below:

(Photo courtesy of Mohamad Yang Jouni)

(Photo courtesy of Rawane Issa)

(Photo via @judyhussein on Instagram)

(Photo via @muhammadhariri on Instagram)

(Photo via @tareknassreddine on Instagram)

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