Walkabout Drum Circle is a unique Music institute that welcomes students from all ages and backgrounds seeking to find and develop their own voice through drumming.

An open borderless dialogue that takes place through deep music, one that speaks world's traditions today. Created and managed by Jade Balaben, an artist who loves to share his music but also his knowledge of it, being both a sensitive performer and a dedicated teacher. Spreads innovative teaching methods linking an age-old tradition with the needs of a globalized modern era: World rhythms are explored based on the Indian rhythm system: vocalizing drum patterns. Specialized in Mandeng West African drumming, the organization also builds and services their own drums.

Through practice, hard work and Walkabout tutelage, the students play at various events, parties, team building workshops, openings so as to support themselves financially and pay for their courses fees thus coming "full circle". Each student is made aware of his potential as an individual but also as a team member by learning to support and accepting to be supported.

Classes are held on a weekly basis in Beirut, Jounieh, and Ain Saadeh.
They are known to be fun, inspiring, and they transcend age and social differences.

For more info about our classes check the classes event page on Beirut.com, or contact us to arrange your visit.

Walkabout Drum Circle

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    Ain Saadeh, in front of Ain el Basatin Ain Saadeh Mob.: +9613427302


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