1. Maamoul: The Megastar
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Life is a fantastic show starring - who else - you! Everyone wants a piece of you and aspires to be like you, but you’re mature enough not to let all the attention ruin your good manners. You can change personas with ease (the date-pistachio-walnut triad), making you highly adaptable in various social situations. You've got a mysterious vibe that makes people fall in love with you (hashtag heartbreaker). Holidays are the peak time of your year, make use of them wisely.

2. Knefeh: The Superhero
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People just love you - you represent all that is good and wonderful in this world. Waking up to your sweet smell in the morning makes people forget the tyranny of their alarm clock. Haters think you’re over hyped, but it doesn’t matter. Your adoring fans will always root for you and surround you with love.

3. Baklava: The Femme Fatale
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Seductive by nature, you lure people in to your honey trap. No one seems to escape you. It’s like you’re always coming up with new ways to grab your victims (i.e. everyone) and drag into the depths of your sweet goodness. Let's just say you're about as satisfying as they come.

4. Meghli: The Girl Next Door
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Lighthearted and sweet, you’ve always been there for the ones you love. You're very reserved when it comes to outward appearances and you like to keep to yourself. But you're still a good, decent and wholesome person, and that's why people respect you. Once they get to know you, they unravel the goodness that lies within.

5. Halawa: The Underdog
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A weird and interesting mix, your odd behavior and even odder personal style might give people the wrong idea. It’s like you’re always overlooked, too often shelved, and sometimes even forgotten. Beware of those who use your easy-going nature as an excuse to manipulate you. Don't be afraid to take a stand for who you are what you believe in.

6. Maakroun: The Moody Girlfriend
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You’re adorable and all, but too much of anything is a bad thing. You tend to be extremely sweet at first sight, but soon enough a whole other side of you is revealed. And while your mood swings can be a disadvantage, there's something about you that most people find just irresistible.

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