Founded in 2011, Lezem is an organization dedicated to empowering youth to become more active in their community. From raising awareness to making people laugh, Lezem's main mission is to initiate change for a better Lebanon.

This weekend, Lezem is teaming up with members from the fashion community for a spectacular fundraiser, and we want to urge you to attend.

Why? Take a look.

1. It Features Socially-Conscious Fashion

(Lezem in collaboration with Georges Khabbaz)

Generally, fashion shows are already incredibly fun and exciting to attend. But this show is taking fashion to the next level, by depicting the woes of society through many of the designs you'll see on the runway.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, there will be models walking down the runway with dresses that depict racism, sectarianism and much more.

2. The Designers for the Event are Awesome’s already made it clear how awesome Jean Louis Sabagi is, and we’re thrilled that he’s going to be one of the main designers of this event. In addition to Sabagi, there will be eight other local designers showcasing their immense talents.

A socially responsible designer? Marry me, please.

3. You Can Eat Fairytale Cakes

Fairytale Cakes will be sponsoring the event with their delicious assortment of cakes, cookies and éclairs.

There is nothing better in life than free cake.

4. All Funds Go to Basmeh and Zeytouneh

If you needed any more convincing, here it is: all of the profits from this event will go to the amazing NGO Basmeh & Zeitooneh. Since its formation in 2012, this NGO has been dedicated to helping refugees and underprivileged people in Lebanon.

Your entrance ticket goes straight to helping out those in need.

5. We Get to Ridicule Lebanon Together (And Then Do Something About It)

The only thing I can say confidently that the Lebanese people love more than hummus, is making fun of our country. What better way to spend your Sunday than to enjoy delicious desserts, look at awesome dresses AND get angry about Lebanon's problems [while actually doing something about it]?

Khalas guys, Lezem tejjo.

To find out more about Fashion Meets Lezzem, click here.

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