Jbeil (Byblos) is one of Lebanon’s crown jewels. It’s got it all: mystique, history, beauty, serenity and charm. A walk through the old souk will take you back to the days of Phoenician princes and princesses. A cup of wine in one of the many charming resto-pubs is the perfect break from reality. A trip to this ancient town is perfect for those craving relaxation and a bit of history.

Getting There

To get to Jbeil from Beirut, you can take a bus going north from the Charles Helou Station and ask to be dropped off at the Jbeil exit. Taxis are widely available, but the town isn’t very big, and walking around will prove to be the best part of the trip. For those with cars, Jbeil is about 30 minutes away on a day with light traffic.

Where to Stay

1. Edde Sands

(Image via Len Hotels)

This stunning resort includes a large pool and lounging area open directly to the sea. It also features a spa and restaurant offering some great fresh seafood options.

Edde Sands
Facing Hopital Notre Dame Maritime.
Tel.: +9619546666
Mob.: + 9613997688

2. Victory Byblos Hotel and Spa

(Image via Asia Rooms)

This hotel is located just a few minutes away from trendy boutiques and within walking distance of the beach. Facilities include and full equipped gym, a spa, a rooftop restaurant and a beauty center.

Victory Byblos Hotel and Spah
Coastal Road
Tel.: +9619796697

Food and Drinks

1. Feniqia

(Image via Twimg)

This place has to be one of the best restaurants in Lebanon. Their food – Lebanese cuisine – is absolutely delicious and the presentation is fun and unique. As an appetizer before your meal, they actually bring a mini saj to the table to make your own manakeesh! Also, their little monkey outside is the cutest thing in the world.

Byblos Old City
Tel.: +9619540444

2. Byblos Fishing Club

(Image via World Foodist)

The Byblos Fishing Club is an infamous restaurant that has hosted dozens of celebrities (in the golden ‘60s) including Jacques Chirac, David Niven, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Brigitte Bardot! If it was good enough for Sinatra and Bardot, I think we’re good to go.

Byblos Fishing Club
Old Harbor Region
Tel.: +9619540213

What To Do

1. Byblos International Festival

(Image via Byblos Festival Website)

This is the best music festival that Lebanon has to offer. They bring in diverse acts from various genres assuring that all music tastes will be satisfied. In addition, the intimate setting allows for a serene experience with some of the world’s most legendary musicians. This year’s line-up includes acts such as Massive Attack, Beirut, and Stromae, among others.

2. Stroll through the Old Souk

(Image via Lebanon Guide)

This rustic souk is stunning, and will transport you back to the time when Phoenician princesses roamed the street. Also, there are some great artists to check out along the way.

3. Publicity

(Image via RPN Lebanon)

If you’re up for some partying, Publicity is the place to be. Surrounding a pool with some great views are around a dozen pubs with different themes, concepts, drinks, and music. It turns into a massive outdoor party at around Midnight and makes for a great night.

Mob.: +96171119110

What To See

1. The Roman Theater

(Image via Ghorayeb Travel)

Built in 218 AD, only one third of this ancient grand theater has survived to this day. The Roman Theater in Byblos, which was actually originally located further east, was moved by archaeologists to facilitate more excavation. The reconstructed remains (minus the beautiful mosaic of the God Bacchus which is now at the National Museum of Beirut) make for the perfect place to watch the sunset.

2. The Harbor/Port

(Image via Lebanon Eguide)

Don’t be fooled by the small size of this port, the Byblos harbor was once a major trading port for cedar wood, attracting merchants from Ancient Egypt and Nubia as well and the Hittite Empire and as far East as India and China. Great place to grab a cup of coffee or a plate of fresh seafood and stare into the beautiful sea.

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