1. Artist: Yazan Halwani

Location: Sin el Fil – facing Station Beirut.
Title: “Joumhoriyat el Moz” (The Banana Republic).

2. Artist: Ashekman

Location: Sidani Street, Hamra.
The stencil is found near several Sukleen cans, highlighting the “booming business of street food.”

3. Artist: unknown

Location: Vendome Stairs, Mar Mikhael.

4. Artist: EpS and M3alim

Location: Karantina
Title: “7arb Alwan” (War of Colors) – This piece was done in support of a non-profit organization called Lezem.

5. Artist: Ali Rafei

Location: Sidani Street, Hamra.

6. Artist: Original stencil design by Banksy

Location: Rue Armenia, Mar Mikhael.

7. Artist: Unknown

Location: Jean D’arc Street, Hamra.

8. Artist: Unknown

Location: Rue Gourand, Gemmayzeh.

9. Artist: Unknown

Location: Rue Gourard, Gemmayzeh.

10. Aritst: K-DOGG

Location: Rue Armenia, Mar Mikhael.

11. Artist: Unknown

Location: Sin el Fil (Solea V building exterior).

12. Artist: Ali Rafei

Location: Abdel Aziz Street, Hamra.
Title: “Ego.”

13. Artist: Ashekman

Location: Mar Mikhael.
“But first, let me take a selfie.”

14. Artist: Yazan Halwani

Location: Minus 1 building entrance, Gemmayzeh.

15. Artist: Yazan Halwani

Location: Sodeco

16. Artist: Yazan Halwani

Location: Verdun – near Zara.

17. Artist: Tilt

Location: Ain el Remmaneh public school.

18. Artist: Katre

Location: Ain el Remmaneh public school.

19. Artist: Reso (Cedric Lascours)

Location: Ain el Remmaneh public school.

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hello! great suggestion, we love that piece! In fact, we included in our previous round up right here: http://www.beirut.com/l/27455#image-19

Sara Samad on Aug 8, 2014 via web
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I would have also added Feirouz by Yazan Halwani. People keep posting it on Instagram. By the way you posted one picture twice

Halim Hanna on Aug 8, 2014 via web