In recent years, reality television has taken over screens around the world. No matter what the topic, people seem to love watching unscripted shows because they feel they can relate to the stars and gain insight on their personal lives. Here in Lebanon, we’ve already caught the reality television bug and have had a few programs become widely popular. However, it is my belief that we are missing out on some great opportunities for shows. Consider this:

Real Housewives of Beirut

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The Real Housewives franchise was created for a city exactly like Beirut; I am shocked that it hasn’t found its way to us yet! Image obsessed, plastic surgery addicted, materialistic, catty women who love to hate each other? Women who love showing off their houses and their handbag collection? That’s the upper ten percent of our society. I know so many ladies who would do anything to be able to throw their Louboutin shoe at their friend on national television – please help us make their dreams come true.

The Swan, Except Reversed

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The Swan was a short-lived reality show in which contestants who were considered unattractive by their families or friends (great family and friends, guys) were given ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery and dental work in order to transform them into someone their loved ones could look at without throwing up. In Lebanon, we need the reverse transformation. Let’s take people who have gotten disgusting amounts of plastic surgery and try to reverse it so they can look like humans once again. We can un-draw their eyebrows, suck the Botox out of their foreheads, shrink their lips, and bring their hair color back into something that exists within the range of human DNA.

Prince and the Pauper Swap

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Much like Wife Swap, a show that swapped two wives from different families, this version would swap a politician and a minimum wage earner. Maybe when our lazy and entitled politicians try to skimp for a meal they’ll be blessed with some form of humanity. Even if they don’t though, it would be fun to see them suffer for once.

F*ck, Marry, Kill

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Since Lebanese people love all three activities, this show would be a sneaky way of getting rid of some of our worst pop stars. Here is how I envision it working: we get three of our most annoying pop stars and one eligible bachelor and ask him to hand out the verdicts: f*ck, marry, or kill. The only catch is that you have to perform each of them on the spot! I realize this isn’t the most practical way to exterminate pop stars, but I would so watch that.

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so you want to destroy the last inch of dignity we have left in this nation and bring the scum shit of American reality tv lovely just lovely ...

Farah Alhashim on Aug 29, 2014 via web