Forget Brad Pitt and his charming eyes, don’t mind Robert Pattinson’s hair and accent, and who needs James Franco with his endless Instagram pics? Lebanese actors are as talented, good-looking, and hard-working as the rest of them.

And if you have a favorite Hollywood actor (mine is Orlando Bloom), then take a step back and get a load of these awesome Lebanese actors.

1. Carlos Azar

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Mr. Azar wooed us all during his recent performance in ‘Cash Flow’ flick alongside the beautiful Nadine Njeim. He was attractive, funny, honest and courageous. It’s kind of like the Lebanese version of Jake Gyllenhaal. Hmm. Not to mention his great acting in ‘No2tet Hobb’ too!

2. Peter Semaan

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Speaking of ‘No2tet Hobb’, how awesome was Peter Semaan in this show with Ward el Khal? Since his success with the unforgettable Rita Arsona in ‘Ghanoujit Baya’, Semaan is the resident McDreamy everyone’s talking about. Also, can we all just agree that he kind of looks like Channing Tatum - the guy who melted our hearts in ‘Step Up’ and married Lebanese actress Jenna Dewan?

3. Youssef el Khal

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‘Ajyal’ and ‘Law’ both kept viewers hooked thanks to Youssef el Khal’s undeniable charisma and charming voice. He’d put both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to shame!

4. Badih Abou Chakra

(Image via 7asriyan)

I personally can't get past how talented Abou Chakra is. He’s the actor with the great performance in ‘Chaware3 el Zoul.' And who can forget his awesome romance with the amazing Viviane Antonios in the movie ‘A7ebbini’? When I see him, I picture Christian Bale or Eric Bana standing in front of me. Plus, he just published his own book titled, ‘Nafas’. Acting and poetry, Mr. Abou Chakra? Wow.

5. Ammar Chalak

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Though older than the others, Mr. Chalak is a favorite actor for many Lebanese. I guess you could say he's Lebanon's version of George Clooney. When he starred in ‘Ghariba’ with the beautiful Cyrine Abdel Nour, we got to see his soft romantic side. When he acted alongside talented actress Carmen Lebbos in ‘Ebnat l Mouaalem’, we found out he wasn't just a pretty face, but has the acting chops to rival the best of them. Clooney who?

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