First we told you about Thirty Things Every Kid Who Grew up in the 90s Will Remember, and now we bring you the ultimate heartmelting 90's products compilation. Who says sequels can’t beat the original?

1. You spent your daily allowance on these

(Image via Tumblr)

2. Emptying the whole thing in your mouth in less than a minute was normal

(Image via

3. You also ate a whole bunch of pandas after lunch (probably the reason why they’re close to being extinct)

(Image via Photobucket)

4. You must recall these lollipops

(Image via Polyvore)

5. This was your guilty pleasure

(Image via Coroflot)

6. You didn’t care about getting your ears pierced because…

(Image via Polyvore)

7. You wore the finest plastic jewelry

(Image via Polyvore)

8. These alien lights decorated your room at some point

(Image via

9. You never needed regular pencils

(Image via Toy Depot)

10. Your kindergarten phase was sponsored by Crayola

(Image via Blogspot)

11. You undoubtedly had the most exciting gaming experience

(Image via

12. You still have no idea what this is but you certainly owned one

(Image via Blogspot)

13. You fought your friends over these

(Image via Etsy)

14. Sliding down snakes was the most fun

(Image via Pinterest)

15. And let’s not forget about your Safari adventures

(Image via Chocosophy)

16. You were obsessed over these at some point, you even made one for each of your family members

(Image via

17. You also liked to wear an excessive number of these on your wrists

(Image via

18. You never complained about your Barbie doll having more shoes than you

(Image via Shoe Wawa)

19. Or clothes for that matter

(Image via Examiner)

20. You still own a dozen of these

(Image via The Guardian)

21. Your survival kit…

(Image via Amazon)

22. The only reason you went to McDonald’s

(Image via

23. She was your idol

(Image via

24. And let’s not forget about this

(Image via Photobucket)

25. Enough of all of that, let’s go fishing

(Image via Clicky Pix)

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