Lebanese people often take embarrassment-filled pride in how quirky the country is. Corrupt politicians, barely functioning departments and services coupled with a valiant approach towards problems and national debt. Here are some things you can only get away with in Beirut:


(Image via Lama Hajj)

Dressing up your van or taxi cab as if your life depends on it tends to be a very normal thing in Lebanon, from adorning the back of your vehicle with deeply introspective quotes such as, “the love is problem” to huge pictures of Angelina Jolie (almost always as Lara Croft, someone should study that.)

RPG Missiles Launching

(Image via Beirut Spring)

It has become customary to shoot in the air, whether you’re expressing sadness over the dead, happiness over election results, delight over sports outcomes, or just enjoying the fact that your child passed its official exams. But nothing gets Lebanese people more hungry for a good old-fashioned missile launch like the mere sight of your favorite leader.

Interesting Offers

(Image via Lama Hajj)

Holding an 81% sale to be exact, as seen above. Or, offering a kilo of Halloum cheese with every oil change for your car. If you’ve missed out on this deal, enjoy eating your heart out forever.

Branding Galore

(Image via Lama Hajj)

“Golden Maids” is a perfectly normal thing to call your housekeeping agency- they’re maids, and they’re golden. Also, do you like WhatsApp? Do you also like snacks? Head on over to SnackApp...

Presidential Tweets

(Image via Twitter)

Of the 1,600 tweets President Michel Sleiman tweeted during and after his reign, nothing rung more true to the people than when he tweeted a period. The president tweets a period and it gets 988 retweets!

Safety First

(Image via Instagram)

Dangling school kids out of a bus is a normal childhood activity, why are you so uptight? Worst case scenario they just die.

Motorcycles Double as Minivans

(Image via Instagram)

When the wonderful motorcycle riders of Lebanon are not busy flipping their bikes over on our highways and putting everyone’s life at risk, they are doubling mini-vans, used to transport car doors or even a pile of vegetables.

Fair Warnings

(Image via Plus 961)

You will have to live in the elevator for tonight; we’ll try to get to you tomorrow.

Plastic Surgery Loans

(Image via Mind Soup Blog)

Do you remember this gem from 2010?

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