There's not just one, but two queens of Bei city. So let’s get down to business and figure out who does it best: Nancy vs. Haifa on Instagram.

Haifa’s Instagram technique is based on full-length pictures of her outfits

She also relies heavily on collages as a way of showcasing all possible aspects of the same outfit

And even likes to experiment with her picture collages (apparently using Pic Grid Collage)

Still, the mirror effect is by far her strong suit

Nancy, on the other hand, has a preference for close-ups of her face

Her favorite Instagram position would be the ‘hand-under-chin’ which is probably the most remarkable aspect of her Instagram technique

Followed by a perfectly understandable tendency to showcase her eyes

She also has a thing for microphones

And while Haifa’s obsession with shoes can hardly go unnoticed

Nancy seems to have an equally compelling obsession with sweets

Just like a typical Lebanese girl, Haifa is passionate about nail art

Nancy, on the other hand, just wants to become a Disney princess

And while Haifa likes to hang out with Eva Longoria on the red carpet

Nancy has befriended a giant M&M in London

Haifa’s babies

Nancy’s babies

Still, they both have their athletic moments…

And a flair for bright red

They also like to walk, a lot

And sometimes feel the need to remind us of their names

And while Haifa is sometimes angry at the world

Nancy likes to throw in a few inspirational quotes

And to end on a positive note, I’m still trying to figure out the philosophical basis for this head accessory

And a rational explanation for this

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