Repeatedly honking your horn and lightly bumping the back of some innocent driver's car with the front of your vehicle is not an acceptable way of navigating through traffic. If you drive like this, you have some serious problems. Here's ten more signs you really shouldn't be allowed to drive.

The Open Road is Your Parking Lot

As far as you're concerned, if people can still pass by your vehicle, it's a good parking spot.

You're Always in a Hurry

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You Never Use Turn Signals

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Lebanese like to be coy and mysterious. We don't like to drop hints, let alone indicate which turn we're about to take.

What Speed Limit?

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Hahahahahah. Hahaha. Ha. Ha.

All Turns Are Legal

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What are SUVs for if not crossing over large medians to get to the other side of the highway? Amiright?

You Never Wear a Seat Belt

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There's this thing called life. Apparently you have no respect for it.

You Multitask While Driving

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Coffee, makeup, fashion magazines, Whatsapp, driving. These things do not go together.

You Have at Least One Kid in Your Lap Behind the Wheel

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I fear for the future of your offspring. I honestly, honestly do.

You Drive a Motorcycle

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Surely, you must want to cause accidents.

You Drive Drunk

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Apparently the only thing you want to do is impart imminent doom upon the lives of everyone around you.

So what's the average day on the road really like? Here's a great video in case you need reminding...

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