For many people, Christmas is an excuse to over-eat, over-drink, and over-indulge; and for some people, Christmas holds a special religious meaning. Whatever Christmas means to you, each country and family holds its own traditions for the festive holiday, here are some interesting Christmas traditions from around the world:

Tickle Your Pickle in Germany

(Image via Moore News Report)

A pickle (or pickle-shaped ornament) is hidden among the ornaments on the tree and the first person (usually a child or, an annoying adult) to find it receives an extra gift on Christmas morning.

Guinness for Santa in Ireland

(Image via Yes Totally)

Instead of the lame milk and cookies we are used to, Irish children will leave out mince pie (a fruit or meat pie) and a bottle of Guinness out for Santa. I am willing to bet that Santa feels more generous at the prospect of beer rather than of milk.

Rollerskating to Mass in Venezuela

(Image via Caracas Chronicles)

Roads are closed to cars on Christmas Day in order to avoid huge traffic jams, and people roller-skate to mass.

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan

(Image via Global Citizen Daily)

In Japan, it is customary to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for Christmas dinner. This tradition is so popular and widespread that people have to make reservations in order to ensure that they will have a spot at KFC for Christmas Eve.

Deep Fried Caterpillars in South Africa

(Image via Daily Mail)

While Christmas brings candy-canes and ham to mind for some, the South Africans enjoy deep fried caterpillars on Christmas Day.

Spiders Galore in Ukraine

(Image via Moore News Report)

Instead of the wide-spread tinsel and twinkly lights, Ukrainians opt to decorate their trees with artificial spider webs and spider-shaped ornaments.

Family Sauna Sessions in Estonia

(Image via Internet Debris)

On Christmas Eve, entire families will enjoy a sauna bath…together…

Pudding Wars in Slovakia

(Image via Slovak Cooking)

The oldest man in the household takes a spoonful of pudding and throws it at the ceiling. The more the pudding sticks to the ceiling, the better luck the household will have for the coming year.

A Pet Log in Spain

(Image via Moore News Report)

Nothing says Christmas quite like feces, which is why starting on December 8, a wooden log is placed by the fireplace, covered with a blanket, fed, and treated like a pet. Parents swap out the log for a sequentially bigger one until it poops out Christmas presents!

Santa Pub Crawls in the US

(Image via For Love of Exploration)

A pub crawl involving dozens of drunken people dressed as Santa! We should be working on bringing this to Lebanon ASAP.

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