The last time you attempted Christmas shopping, you went to ABC Achrafieh and ended up spending two hours trying to find a parking spot, then 10 minutes buying yourself a Magnolia’s cupcake before going home. This is why you’re stuck doing last minute holiday shopping.

The trick to last-minute gifting is making it seem like you've thought long and hard about each gift. We here at can smell your holiday desperation, and we feel your pain. That is why we’ve decided to throw you a bone: here are some last minute gifts for people you only mildly care about.

Texting Gloves

(Image via The Odyssey Online)

Everybody loves their smartphone. However, you don’t love everybody enough to give them a smartphone which is why you should gift your fellow phone-addicts a pair of texting gloves (winter gloves that still allow you to use a touch-screen). Available at Marks and Spencer.

A Make-Up Palette

(Image via Make Up4All)

Nothing says, “You are the least important female in my life” more than a make-up palette.

Waffle Maker

(Image via Store Daily)

Yes, this will probably collect dust somewhere in this person’s kitchen – but I guarantee they will be excited at the prospect of all the waffles they will eat for a few minutes.

A Book

(Image via Anarchism)

A person is guaranteed to look like an asshole if they hate books, so back them into a corner by gifting them one. Try to pick something they may be interested in, whether it be history, fashion, animals, or food.

A Battery Case for Smart Phones

(Image via Wire Cutter)

Everybody hates running out of battery, which makes this cool invention perfect for every Twitter and Facebook addict out there. The battery case is a cover that serves as an extended battery for your phone, providing you with up to 80% extra battery life. You can find this at most technology and phone shops. Be sure to couple this with another last-minute gift or risk looking like a cheap dick who does most of their shopping at gas stations.

A Beautiful Teapot/Tea Set

(Image via Ali Express)

If you’ve seen your gift-recipient sip tea a mere single time in their entire life, it is enough for you to deem them a tea aficionado and thus gift them a teapot. Try picking a nice one with cool designs on it so you don’t look like a total Grinch.

Gift Certificates

Nothing says last minute gift like a good old gift certificate, but some of them can actually be useful. Many people pine over spa treatments and massages but never set aside the money or time for them, which is why they’ll be grateful to receive your thoughtful piece of paper.

Body Lotion Set

(Image via Prosite)

For those who are very, very late: head to The Body Shop, L’Occitane, Bath and Body Works, or the like and pick up one of those horrible soap/lotion/body wash sets that nobody ever uses but everybody pretends to need.

Happy last-minute shopping!

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